The benefits we expect you to receive from our monthly consulting

Imagine having a professional accountant constantly monitoring the development of your finances — and giving you an understandable report in layman’s terms every month.

We have really good news for you. The monthly consulting service gives you an instant advantage over your competitors by using an accountant to help analyze the monthly development of different areas in your business. It will give you an opportunity to receive timely guidance on key essentials. You will have a chance to use an accountant to help exploit your true business potential and to handle problems when they are smaller. Often at that stage this can mean just a minor adjustment.

What a difference it can make. Compare it to what is all too usual… finding these things out a year later. An added year can make it very expensive to correct. You might have saved a small fortune, to say nothing of aggravation, had you joined the monthly consulting service…

Depending on your own preferences, the monthly accounting service can monitor, among others:

SALES ACCOUNTS: comparing various product / service lines, looking at your sales and intelligently comparing them to previous months. You will know fast where sales increase and where they decrease. As you know, this is one of those areas where the earlier you notice, the more it will benefit you

RECEIVABLES (Debtors): Measuring how fast your customers pay, noticing if payment times increase, giving tips on how to collect your money faster.

PAYABLES (Creditors): Monitoring your spending and suggesting ways to stop your creditors controlling your business. Keeping a weather eye on the level of creditors especially in relation to your cash flow.

DATA PRODUCTION: Giving you reliable information in an understandable form that will help you to make decisions easier.

TAILOR-MADE MONITORING: Depending on your wishes, there can be other areas and subjects you feel you want monitored monthly and reported to you in understandable form.
Naturally, the service can include all the needed bookkeeping and accounting for your business.

You will have a chance to know what happens and understand what to do

Accounting that makes sense is called that for a reason — it does make sense… and it is done because you feel it is necessary. An accountant will watch the development of your finances, month to month, and explain the main points to you. If you want, he will recommend ways to correct problems and take advantage of your strengths.

We will not, however, pressure you into solutions. It is your business and you decide how to run it.

You will also gain an insight into those bookkeeping, accounting and taxation matters that may now seem quite baffling or confusing…or even silly. Well, some rulings ARE silly… but at least we can make the best of them.

All this can make a world of difference. Who knows, you may even sleep better. However, you WILL know better how to make the most out of your business.

The best part of it is that to find out more about Accounting that makes sense, you don’t have to decide to change your accountant. Click here for our free Client Requirements Interview which will give you a lot more information on how you can benefit more from accounting service. We know and respect the fact that you are not going to chance your accountant unless you are personally completely convinced it would save you a considerable amount of time, effort and expense.


Now you can test it yourself without risk or cost

On these pages we have presented only a few basic elements of our “Accounting that makes sense — monthly consulting” service concept.

The service is not necessarily more expensive than what you are paying now — but it might be a lot more useful. We do not want to belittle other Accounting Professionals: a trained professional working diligently on your behalf does have the technical skills required to give you most of the benefits we deliver to our clients.

A forgotten ingredient, however, is the communication and organization of the delivery of services. It is this that we especially focus on — this very ingredient that is often missing from accounting services.

If the accountant does not help the client to understand the often complicated figures, if the accountant does not work responsibly to monitor those figures and explain their implications and degree of importance to the client… then more often than not, you will be missing out on one of the prime advantages of using a qualified accountant.

No risk to you

Having said all of the above, we also recognize that it can be very difficult to change accountants. In a recent survey, eight out of ten business owners admitted they did not have the expertise to effectively choose between two apparently competent accountants. In other words, it is anybody’s guess how their choice performed technically… to say nothing of how effective the service and working relationship will be.

Many clients fear that there might be some problems in terminating the previous accounting service. Some feel it could be embarrassing to give notice, others fear that there could be delays or double payments in the interim period between the accountants.

We have several ways to help you. We can partially or fully take care of the transferring traffic and communication with your previous accountant — the professional relationship between accountants will ensure little or no trouble ensues.

We also have several other ways of minimizing your risk down to a negligible level. You will hear more of these if and when we, after having completed the free Client Requirements Interview, decide with you to look into the possibility of our helping your business to succeed.

But for now, please do not even think about changing accountants. Your next step is to use our without-obligation-offer to find out more about Accounting that makes sense. Remember, you will not be committing yourself and you will gain new, valuable information from it on selecting the best accountant for you.

Click here for our free Client Requirements Analysis to gain more information about the benefits you could receive from our type of accounting services. We understand that you are not going to change your accountant unless you are personally completely convinced it would save you a considerable amount of time, effort and expense.


Five Major Tax Benefits in Australia

Are you missing out on thousands of dollars of tax benefits? Check out the five major tax benefits below and claim your fair share.

Superannuation Contributions

Salary Packaging and Novated Car Leases

Many employers offer salary packages that include non-wage “fringe benefits.” The most common benefit is a car.

To finance the car, employers can choose between a car loan, a financial lease and a novated lease.

“Whether you choose to lease or loan a car, each option has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages,” says Simon Potter from “A novated lease is a very flexible option.”

Work-related Expenses

Full-time workers can claim up to $300 of work-related expenses, without having to keep a receipt. But if you keep receipts, you can claim so much more.

Most workers can claim up to $150 of laundry expenses without a receipt, if their job requires compulsory, protective or occupation-specific clothing.

Depending on your industry, you may also be able to claim home-office expenses, non-trivial use of personal phones and trade magazines.

First Home Buyer Schemes

You could be eligible for thousands of dollars from the government, to help you buy your first home.

Before you begin searching for your first home, make sure to check the rules in your state or speak with your mortgage broker.

Investment Properties, Negative Gearing and Withholding Variations

If you have an investment property, the obvious rental deductions are mortgage interest, bank fees, council rates, managing agent fees, and insurance.

But don’t forget depreciation. Invest in a depreciation report from a quantity surveyor, and you could claim thousands of dollars in depreciation deductions.

If the rental deductions are greater than the income, often called “negative gearing”, you will show a loss on the rental property section of your tax return. That loss can be deducted against your other income.

Expecting a rental loss on your next tax return? Want to get your tax refund during the year, rather than at the end? Lodge a Withholding Variation with the Australian Tax Office, and your employer will withhold less tax from your pay.

This article is not tax advice. Ask your tax accountant about your particular situation.